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Medora Solutions Inc. specializes in website and custom web application development.

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Business Websites

Business Websites

There’s no room left on the web for businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations that don’t stand out. We believe your website has to be a work of art, and a business tool. Let Medora show you how you can get both.

Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce Websites

Your digital store should offer something unique to the world. We have the creativity to help it stand out, the technical knowledge to make it fast and stable, and the business expertise to help you keep growing.

Digital Communities

Community Websites

Social media isn’t just changing the way the Internet works – it’s changing the way we think about information and advice. Is your website a source of information, advice, and feedback? Could it be the center of strategic thinking in your industry or organization?

Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites

Smart phones and web-ready devices are outnumbering computers. Your customers and clients still want your very best, no matter how they reach you. Medora can help you give it to them.


You may have noticed that many of the websites you visit on a daily basis have upgraded to SSL (or Secure Socket Layer) connections recently – including many that aren’t associated with huge brands or heavy ecommerce. There’s a good reason business owners and marketers have been making that change… and why you should consider […]

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website redesign small

Your company has decided to revamp its web design… now what? You could simply hire the first web design business you can find and set them loose on the task, but that would be one of the fastest and easiest ways to miss out on some important benefits. To make the most of your new […]

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