Business Websites

Business Websites

There’s no room left on the web for businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations that don’t stand out. We believe your website has to be a work of art, and a business tool. Let Medora show you how you can get both.

At Medora, we combine a love of creativity with a commitment to understanding your company. The result is a business website that’s more than a layout and some simple “fill in the blanks” text. We want to give you an online presence that will help you find new customers for marketing strategy.

Stand out or stand down.

The Internet is growing so quickly that it’s no longer possible to calculate how many websites are out there. Medora designs business sites that stand out in a marketplace that’s filled with more competitors every day.

All-in-one solutions.

We don’t believe that creativity, cutting-edge technology, or even a strong business sense are enough to succeed on their own. To get more out of the business website, you need all three working together, which is why we take an integrated approach that includes business and industry research, creative brainstorming, and development of your site from a bottom-line perspective.

The web is no place for hide and seek.

Every one of our business websites is built and tested with search engine optimization in mind. If new customers can’t find you on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, then they’ll find one of your competitors instead.

Better tools for better results.

Medora’s team of web designers and web developers only cook with the best ingredients. That means top-of-the-line web analytics tools for better reporting, social media integration for improved customer relationships, and content management systems to keep your site nimble.

Great performance needs consistency.

Medora websites are designed to load properly no matter what kind of computer system or Internet browser your customer is using – we even build them to work with future versions of Internet software. That means your site can load quickly and correctly for everyone who comes to check out your company online.

Real value is more than just a low price.

Medora’s rates are competitive with other quality web design firms in Vancouver, but that’s not why our business websites are such a great value. With one year of support included, you can rest easy knowing we’ll be there when you need us. Also, top-tier content management systems mean you won’t pay for small changes to your site.

Most importantly, however, is that our business sites last longer than the average – often up to five years – initial investment.

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