Website Planning

Website Planning

Your Blueprint for Online Success

Before you need a new business website, you need a plan to make your next business website work for you and help you reach your real-world, bottom-line business goals. That’s where Medora’s website planning service comes in.

Regardless of whether you are hiring us to put together your next site, are looking elsewhere, or feel undecided, we can help you create a blueprint for success – including an outline of the content and web features you need. Making a business website or online store more profitable begins with envisioning the process from start to finish, something we have helped hundreds of other companies to do.

Plans that are about you.

We begin with a comprehensive interview, ending with a set of plans, ideas, and conclusions that you can use to work with any web design company, in Vancouver and beyond.

We can help with that.

Regardless of what kind of platform you are planning on using for your next business website – or even if you need help picking the direction – we can help. Medora has experience with WordPress, Flash, HTML 5, and dozens of other web design tools.

An ounce of prevention…

In addition to planning your business website for success and profitability, we also know the common pitfalls to look out for, and can help you to avoid them.

Starting with the end in mind.

We know that a comprehensive online marketing plan is crucial to your success online, which is why we make tools for promoting your site – such as search engine optimization and social media integration – central to every website plan we create.

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