Social Media

Social Media

Better visibility and deeper customer relationships

The importance of social media sites – and especially Facebook and Twitter – has been one of the most important shifts in online marketing and more than a decade. That’s because companies no longer have to be content to simply direct messages at their customers, they can now start and maintain two-way conversations with them. This changes everything, because it allows you to reach potential buyers you couldn’t before, gain more referrals and introductions from existing customers, and create a kind of customer loyalty that you’ve never enjoyed in the past.

To make any of these happen, however, you have to know how social media sites work, and how to make the most of them. Medora can help you to do both. By putting together comprehensive social media marketing plans, and giving you tools to integrate social media into your own site, we can help you to take advantage of the new opportunities that are popping up all over the Internet.

Get past traditional marketing.

Social networking requires different skills, and a different outlook, than traditional Internet marketing does. We’ll make sure you’re equipped to take advantage of both.

Make the most of your existing customers.

By adding your current buyers as friends, fans, and followers, you can build better relationships with them, and prevent competitors from taking them away.

Expand your network.

By making the most of your social media marketing messages, you can create a larger network of contacts, colleagues, and buyers that will become more and more profitable over time.

Work through the major social media sites… or you own.

Using Medora’s team of experienced web programmers, you can integrate content from the major social media sites into your own pages, or even develop your own online communities.

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