Social media integration

Social Media Integration

Making it easier to take advantage of the most important Internet trend in our generation.

Organizations that aren’t taking advantage of the amazing marketing and communication possibilities that come with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are missing out on the most important Internet trend of our generation. Social media is about more than connecting with friends, clients, and vendors – it’s changing the way we think about connections, relationships, and product or service recommendations.

The problem with social media marketing until now has been that it has taken a great deal of time to get started, and even more to turn your friends, contacts, and followers into buyers. With Medora’s social media integration tools, that’s no longer a struggle. We make it easy for you to tie your social profiles to the rest of your website – and to get real-world, bottom-line results.

Social equals search.

Did you know that adding content to Facebook and Twitter could also improve your search engine positioning? Google, Yahoo, and Bing love social updates, and our tools make it easier to add them.

Integrated media of all types.

Whether you have a tweet, blog post, picture, or video to share, you’ll get more mileage out of your content with our social media integration tools.

Unlimited possibilities.

Medora is a great source for the development of social media apps, as well as mobile computing tools, so you don’t have to settle for what you can find… we’ll help you create exactly what you’re looking for if it doesn’t exist yet.

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