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One moment of inspiration can lead to years of business success.

At Medora, we believe that creativity isn’t just the cornerstone of good web design, but the most important part of the web design process. It’s not unusual for organizations to come to us with a specific real-world result in mind, but no sense of exactly how to get from where they are to where they want to be.

Our job is to take the simplest and most efficient route possible – to use our creativity to find answers that work as beautifully as our websites look. If you want a design firm that’s willing to think as creatively about your problems as it is your home page, then Medora might be the partner for you.

Creating business art online.

Our business web designs attract the eye while remaining powerful tools for sales, marketing, and public relations. Creating art isn’t enough to build an effective commercial website, but it’s a good first step.

Developing solutions behind the scenes.

Creativity isn’t just about the pixels, logos, and layouts you can see… at Medora, we also envision web development strategies that improve your site’s performance.

Blending sound and motion into a marketing force.

Flash animations can be a great way to welcome visitors to your business site or convey key messages. Medora can help you create animations for any purpose.

The right message needs the right words.

We don’t treat copywriting as an afterthought. No matter how good your site looks, it needs the right marketing messages to be an effective business tool. We’ll help you get the right words to complete your website.

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