Medora Case Study: Unifiller Website Development & Support

Unifiller Systems operates a website that serves as a multi-purpose tool: A product catalogue educates customers on available products and solutions,  a dealer area contains product manuals and  assembly diagrams, a promotions area has a number of landing pages for digital marketing campaigns. Unifiller requires an easy-to-use content management system as well as frequent changes made to website navigation and structure.

The Challenge

Previously, Unifiller tried hiring both a full-time website support person as well web developers on a contract basis. In both cases there were  challenges. The full-time people could not keep up with technology advancements. Contracted developers had top-notch skills but had no motivation to complete work quickly and efficiently. As result, Unifiller website were never up-to-date and had numerous user experience issues – all at high yearly cost.

Medora’s Solution

Medora provides provides highly skilled development team on as-needed basis. Major development tasks are completed in weeks instead of months. Medora is interested in a healthy long-term relationship with its client, and as such each Unifiller’s project is treated more than seriously.

The Results

 Armed with access to industry-best web development team, Unifiller is now able to make changes to its website quickly at a fraction of cost it paid previously.

Website Features

  • Product catalogue with videos
  • Dealer-only  area
  • Website analytics
  • Content management system
  • Search engine optimization

Medora Services

  • Content management system development
  • HTML5 programming
  • Consulting
  • Website support


Visit Unifiller website:





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