Medora Case Study: UBC Canaccord Learning Commons

The Challenge

To build a fully functional WordPress site – complete with custom theme – in under two weeks to meet the strict deadline for fall enrollment.

Medora’s Solution

Ignore the temptation to work from pre-packaged templates and layouts that, although faster, wouldn’t meet the client’s real goals for a website that was flexible and customized.

The Results

By taking some extra time to understand the unique challenges of the project, and what the University of British Columbia team really hoped to accomplish, Medora was able to build a new WordPress site from scratch while reducing the amount of revisions and delays that could have held the project up.

The new website was launched on time, even though the university’s internal design team was tied up with other projects and was unable to contribute. By concentrating our efforts and relying on our team of experienced designers and developers, we were able to not only build the site quickly, but create it in such a way that it has met the client’s goals consistently over time – with thousands of students now taking advantage of it every year.

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