Medora Case Study: SMI Electronics Ecommerce Development

The Challenge

How to rebuild a site for an online retailer that had an established Internet presence, but disappointing sales? Working with a web design that gave them little credibility, SMI needed a better image and a higher level of customer trust.

Plus, with more than 20,000 products and no standard solutions, the client desperately needed better web catalog management and more intuitive navigation. They were also suffering from broken features, like online shipping calculators that wrongly made their products seem more expensive than they actually were.

Medora’s Solution

Medora came up with a unique design that incorporated an easy-to-navigate shopping structure, real-time inventory and shipping cost updates, and separate dealer modes that supported ten different pricing tiers. Customers were immediately able to find anything on the website in a few clicks or less, and able to get accurate, real-time shipping estimates directly from the Canadian Postal Service.

The Results

SMI was able launch their new online store on time and under budget. Their new ecommerce site featured a clean, modern web design and a custom-built online catalog that can be changed and updated almost instantly. It also offered ten different dealer pricing tiers, which hadn’t worked properly in previous shopping cars.

As a result, SMI began to gather new online orders from the first day, as well as quickly ranking on the first page of Google for some of their most important product keywords, owing to their newly optimized site structure and content. The client was incredibly pleased with Medora’s work, and can look forward to increased online profits in the months and years to come.

Visit SMI Electronics website:

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