Medora Case Study: Custom PhoneGap and HTML5 Programming to Speed Up Mobile Applications and Save Money

The Challenge

A Silicon Valley venture-funded firm in the pre-IPO stage approached us because the process they were using to implement smart apps with three leading platforms – iOS, Android, and BlackBerry – was costing too much and taking too long. The company was offering a variety of apps, content, and related services to business customers throughout North America, but couldn’t remain competitive if they continued to develop and test each product three separate times.

In addition to these challenges, the client lacked real experience in developing and marketing mobile applications. Their branding efforts were suffering, and new releases were short on features like localization, image proceeding, and OCR.

Medora’s Solution

The first thing our mobile development team did was rework their applications from the ground up, using an open source PhoneGap framework. Once this was completed, we fine-tuned the localization and customization profile of a number of the client’s products, leading them to ask us to move on to more challenging technical issues.

After smoothing out some issues related to custom web software and integrating the missing OCR components, we set about extending and modifying the open source code for their applications to make it more compatible with popular iOS and Android platforms. This was accomplished with both PhoneGap and HTML5 programming, and made each of the apps more accessible for a larger number of clients.

Finally, we worked with advanced Java script and other platforms to bring the programming up to date, before testing each application thoroughly to ensure that it would stand up to customer demands.

The Results

Through the changes that were made by our mobile web programming team, the client was able to reduce the cost of implementation, quality assurance, and support to a third of their previous budget. Additionally, we were able to arrange for an affordable package that included ongoing cross-platform service and support to deal with future challenges.

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